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We offer the highest quality scaffolding for sale and rent, fully adapted to the standards and applicable regulations.

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Delta scaffolding

Produced by our company have been adapted to the standards and regulations in force in the European Union.


Union. Made in Polish plants from Polish steel, they make them strong and reliable. Quality control at every stage of production eliminates errors and increases the quality of the final product.

Scaffolding assembly

In addition, we also offer scaffolding assembly. And thus, when ordering scaffolding from our company, you do not have to worry that you will have to assemble them yourself, that the elements will not match, and the assembly of the frame scaffolding will take a lot of time.

The only thing you need to do to rent a frame scaffolding is to call or come and order the scaffolding in person. You don’t have to worry about the rest, because properly trained employees of our company will do everything themselves very quickly and efficiently.


Thanks to this, construction works that need to be carried out with the use of scaffolding will not distract you from sleep, as it will be known that everything will be done in a safe manner and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Scaffolding and formwork

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We are a leading producer of scaffolding and formwork in Poland. Our assortment includes, among others, scaffolding rental, various types of system formwork are also available. By using the products Delta focuses on quality, safety and functionality.


We offer the sale of scaffoldings that raise our clients' construction investments to a higher level

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Sales of scaffolding

For the client's needs, we carry out measurements of a given object on the construction site, prepare a construction design and provide transport and assembly of scaffolding. We have a professional technical department and an assembly department, which guarantees the quality and safety of our company's services

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Our clients can rent scaffolding, thus reducing construction-related expenses

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Scaffolding rental

In order to ensure the best possible comfort of use of our structures, by renting scaffolding, we carry out measurements of a given object to be renovated, prepare a structure design and provide transport and assembly of scaffolding. Our specialized technical department and fitters ensure the quality and safety of services.

Do you want to get a quote? Write to us at  or call: +48 515 26 27 28


Are you looking for perfect scaffolding?

The most important element in the production of scaffolding by our company is to meet all the requirements important for each client – from easy assembly, through simple storage and transport of scaffolding.

Delta scaffolding changes the world

Browse our incredibly durable and safe scaffolding and formwork projects.

The scaffoldings we offer are structures made in compliance with all safety standards. They have appropriate certificates confirming the high quality of materials and compliance with applicable standards. By choosing one of our scaffolding models, you can be sure that people who carry out renovation and modernization works at heights will be able to safely walk on each level of the structure we have created. What distinguishes our scaffolding from others available on the market?

As Delta, when creating each of the scaffolding elements, we focus on the use of high-quality materials that directly affect the final effect of the entire structure. We are not afraid of innovation – the use of innovative technologies is our everyday life. We believe that the continuous modernization of the scaffolding process affects not only their ergonomics, but above all the safety of their use during renovation works.


In the documents attached on the website you can read the documents confirming the high quality of our scaffolding. The certificates and safety certificates of our products confirm that our scaffolding is safe and can be used during work at heights. In addition, all components manufactured by Delta go through a careful inspection process, both internal and external.

The highest class of scaffolding is an extremely important aspect that contributes to maintaining the best standards during construction works. It is important that the structures used meet all standards and are tested for various conditions. Construction work takes place in a variety of circumstances and therefore scaffolding should be suited to many of them.

Work at heights not only requires appropriate skills on the part of people who undertake them, but also when performing them, it is necessary to use specialized equipment and structures that ensure that they can be carried out not only efficiently, but above all safely. The scaffoldings we offer will ensure safety and comfort during work, especially in difficult conditions.


No renovation and modernization works can do without high-class scaffolding, which not only provides invaluable support, but also guarantees the safety of employees. Human life is the most important value. For this reason, it is worth ensuring an appropriate level of safety when working at heights, which pose a potential threat to the health and even life of employees.


Both during the design and production process of our scaffolding, we make every effort to ensure that these products meet all safety standards. Our many years of experience guarantee the highest quality of our scaffolding. Polish production supports our national economy and provides high-quality products created by specialists in this field.

In our opinion, this means reliable and economical methods. DeltaBud scaffoldings are well-thought-out and tailor-made structures. They are composed of several elements, each of which is characterized by careful and precise workmanship. They easily adapt to the shape of the renovated building.

We respect our clients’ wallets. The resistance of the scaffolding makes their purchase a very profitable investment – one product can serve for many years without losing quality (also after multiple disassembly). It is worth emphasizing that the assembly and disassembly of the facade structure is possible with the involvement of only two employees – and the same is the reconstruction during the renovation.


What else do customers expect from our products? They are to be reliable, safe and ergonomic. A special method of mounting (for example, vertical braces) ensures that the structure is vertical – thanks to this, it is not necessary to adjust the floors. The handrails are hung on self-locking pins and do not require any additional tools for assembly.


All materials prepared by us are selected with the utmost care. This may be confirmed by a positive opinion issued by the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining – the only scaffolding certification institution in Poland. Individual elements are hot-dip galvanized, impregnated and forged. Curbs, frames and supports are also waterproof – this makes them easy to store outdoors.

Scaffolding is an obligatory element of any renovation and modernization works carried out at height. They make it possible to ensure an appropriate level of safety for qualified construction workers. The dimensions of the scaffolding used on the construction site depend on many factors. Before selecting the appropriate type of structure, a detailed needs analysis should be carried out, thanks to which it is possible to precisely adjust the appropriate scaffolding.

One of the factors influencing the dimensions of the entire scaffolding is primarily the size of the object to be renovated. The larger the renovated area, the larger the structure will be needed to ensure adequate conditions on the construction site. The dimensions of the scaffolding are also different. The size of the extremely popular and frequently used facade scaffolding will be different from that of the Warsaw scaffolding, which usually does not reach too much height.


The dimensions of individual elements included in the scaffolding structure are standardized. They should be of appropriate sizes that enable their comfortable and safe use. The height of the individual levels of the Delta scaffolding is 2 m and it is possible to add additional values ​​to them. In addition to the standard dimensions of our platforms, their length can also be increased by selected values. We make it possible to create a structure whose total size reaches 66 m in height.



  • 01 Contact

    The contact with our Sales Representative. The initial consultation of the offer.

  • 02 Discussing the customer's needs

    Discussing the client's needs and expectations to choose the best variant.

  • 03 The offer

    Preparation of a commercial offer and design of the scaffolding.

  • 04 The offer's modification and negotiation

    The offer’s modifications and negotiations. The final refinement of the offer.

  • 05 The purchase's finalization

    Payment for products and services. Signing a contract for the assembly or disassembly of scaffolding.

  • 06 Transport and personal collection

    The transport of purchased commodities to the construction zone or personal collection.

Leading producer of scaffolding and formwork in Poland


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Safe scaffolding and formwork for your employees. Individual solutions and projects acc. To the highest standards. Delta projects in the field of elevation, atypical structures, industry and advertising!

We sell scaffolding and formwork accessories

Scaffolding accessories
  • Tarpaulins (formats: 2.60 or 3.10 x 10.0 or 20.0m)

  • Nets (formats: 2.50 or 3.00 x 10.0 or 20.0m)

  • Professional scaffolding winches: GEDA, IMER.

  • Swivel joints 48/48

  • Fixed connectors 48/48

  • 48/48 longitudinal joints

  • 48 handrail connectors


Formwork accessories
  • Formwork ties from L = 0.50 m to 2.00 m

  • Articulated nuts

  • Fixed nuts

  • Formwork locks


Our partners

Modern and unusual steel structures

We also carry out individual projects. Based on individual ideas or projects from customers, we are able to produce modern and complex steel structures.

We start work with creating a project and technical documentation in AutoCad or Solid Works 3D. Of course, we arrange everything with the client at each stage of production. We present the finished project with a quote to the client. After the approval of the complete documentation and cost estimate, the production process begins. The final stage is verification and quality control of the obtained structure. We can assemble the finished product at the customer’s request. When finalizing the transaction, the customer receives a ready and 100% tested product with technical documentation and a guarantee.


Your benefits

Always on time

We know that punctuality is worth its weight in gold, therefore the dates of delivery, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding are sacred to us.


We approach each order with due diligence. All the works we carry out are characterized by professionalism.

Compliance with health and safety rules

In our industry, the most important thing is safety, which we guard to protect employees and investors.

Affordable prices

We set the price of each order individually, taking into account the complexity of the work.


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