Temporary roofing

Temporary roofs are ideal protection against bad weather during renovation works.

Temporary roofs Delta-roof

Temporary roofs are solutions that can be used wherever a large-area structure is required to be installed in the shortest possible time.

Our roofing structures are perfect for works carried out, for example, during replacement, repairs, renovation of roofs and during the construction of viaducts where the atmospheric influence is of great importance for the protected object. In addition, they are used as temporary halls, warehouses, etc.

Advantages of Delta-roof canopies

  • simplicity of execution,
  • easy assembly and disassembly,
  • no permanent connection to the ground,
  • no special building permits,
  • light structure,
  • a large selection of modules,
  • possibility of manual assembly,
  • easy and quick possibility of moving the roof (mobile roof).

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