Aluminum scaffolding

We offer the highest quality aluminum scaffolding for sale and rental, in accordance with the applicable safety standards.


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Aluminum scaffoldings, apart from wooden and steel ones, are becoming more and more popular on the market of building materials. The type of material the structure is made of is the key here – aluminum is a stable and durable material, and at the same time non-flammable and non-toxic.

A great advantage is also resistance to corrosion – thanks to this, we do not have to worry about weather changes during construction or renovation outside. What’s more – the elements of the aluminum scaffolding can be easily transported, assembled and disassembled, because it is a fairly light material. Assembling the structure is really very simple – no specialized tools are needed here.


The safety mentioned at the beginning is by far the most important feature of this type of scaffolding. Vertical frames, working platforms, non-slip materials, reinforced clamping systems or railings – these are the elements that make working at heights much less risky in this case.


Our offer includes both rental and purchase of aluminum scaffoldings. At the customer’s request, we transport the product to the site, assemble it on the construction site and disassemble the structure after work.

Aluminum scaffolding

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Aluminum scaffoldings are extremely light structures, characterized by high durability. They provide an appropriate level of security, regardless of the type and size of the investment.


Our offer includes the highest quality aluminum scaffoldings for sale that meet the expectations of Polish companies and those located abroad

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Sales of scaffolding

Delta aluminum scaffolding is an indispensable element of any construction. We offer the sale of these structures at an attractive price.

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Rental aluminum scaffolding is a great way to reduce the costs associated with a construction investment

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Scaffolding rental

Our offer includes aluminum scaffoldings for rent, which, thanks to their exceptional strength, constitute a stable structure, used during construction.

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Are you looking for the perfect aluminum scaffolding?

Our aluminum scaffoldings meet all safety standards and have appropriate certificates confirming their quality. Thanks to them, it is possible to ensure appropriate conditions on the construction site.

The ways to efficiently carry out renovation and modernization works have changed over the last decades. It was influenced not only by the use of other, more modern technologies, but also by the use of more efficient materials. In the past, scaffolding was made of wood. This material, compared to the currently used plastics, was relatively heavy, which made it difficult to assemble the scaffolding.

Wooden or steel scaffoldings are still used as security measures on the construction site, but are giving way to aluminum scaffoldings, which are a modern alternative to structures used several decades ago. They have many advantages that make their use not only effective, but also increase comfort when working at heights.


Aluminum scaffolding has a low dead weight, so it can be transported without much effort. They are characterized by high mobility, and thus, it is possible to freely change their configuration. In the event that it is necessary to carry out renovation and modernization works inside the building, aluminum scaffolding will be the best solution. An additional advantage is that the material from which they are made is corrosion resistant.

Aluminum scaffolding is very popular among construction teams. The fact that they create extremely light, mobile structures, and in addition, are resistant to damage caused by rust, certainly speaks for them. There are several types of scaffolding on the market, the most popular of which are facade and mobile scaffolding. Each of these types has a separate set of features that affect their use.

The facade scaffolding creates an extremely light structure made of aluminum. Both their assembly and disassembly is not a major problem. The facade scaffolding can be successfully transported and its layout can be configured without much effort. In addition, a characteristic feature of these structures is a closed profile, which additionally affects their stability.


Mobile scaffolding is another type of structure that is often used. Extremely light aluminum is used to make them. As their name implies, these scaffoldings have special rollers, thanks to which it is possible to move them freely on the plane, without prior disassembly. In order to avoid unplanned displacement, the mobile scaffold towers are equipped with a brake that prevents maneuvering.

As with many products, the price of aluminum scaffolding depends on many factors. The valuation of the entire structure depends, among other things, on the size of the investment, and its dimensions are calculated in square meters. Another component of the final purchase cost of aluminum scaffolding is the quality of the materials and the modern technology used in its production. At Delta, we emphasize that our scaffolding is made of the highest quality materials, and yet the prices of our structures are extremely favorable.

The price of aluminum scaffolding is usually slightly higher than that of steel. However, this is not a rule, as the final cost may be determined, inter alia, by the dimensions and type of structure. The more complex it is, the higher its price may turn out to be, but it is worth remembering that abandoning some elements may directly affect the quality of the scaffolding protection. When choosing this structure, it is worth considering, above all, its purpose and safety.


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