Facade scaffolding

We offer the highest quality scaffolding for sale and rent, fully adapted to the standards and applicable regulations.

Delta facade scaffolding

Facade scaffolding is an element used in all kinds of construction works (painting, plastering and others). The design ensures safety and stability when working at height.

We offer components in various configurations and sizes, with all approvals and certificates. They confirm the compliance of the facade scaffolding with the applicable standards. We also focus on the quality of workmanship in the product. That is why we use high-quality materials from Poland. They are properly impregnated and secured.


Frames, landings, beams, handrails; but also the supports and connectors are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. Thanks to these treatments, they easily withstand even in extreme weather conditions and are not weakened or corroded. This solution is currently the most popular on the market. Due to the design, the outermost fields can be used in a flexible way. This is especially helpful during conversion work where the scaffolding is constantly changing position.

Additional offer

Transport, assembly and disassembly of the structure

Our system is, above all, easy to install and convenient to transport. Due to the low complexity of all elements and the way they are connected, any builder can easily handle the installation.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we produce 4 DELTA facade scaffolding systems: 70, 65, B70 and 73. Additionally, we offer transport, assembly and disassembly of structures on the construction site.

Facade scaffolding

Complete offer

We have a wide range of construction systems used during renovation and modernization works. Our facade scaffolding is very popular both in Poland and abroad.


We offer the sale of systems that include facade scaffolding, which are perfect for construction works

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Sales of scaffolding

We sell facade scaffolding, which facilitate renovation and modernization works and ensure the safety of employees

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Our clients can also rent facade scaffolding to use them in the implementation of construction investments

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Scaffolding rental

In Delta, you can rent facade scaffolding, thus reducing the costs of the entire construction investment

Do you want to get a quote? Write to us at centrum@delta-bud.pl  or call: +48 515 26 27 28


Are you looking for perfect scaffolding?

The most important element in the production of scaffolding by our company is to meet all the requirements important for each client – from easy assembly, through simple storage and transport of scaffolding.


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