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We encourage you to contact us and read the details of the offer!

Available products and services

Our offer includes, among others, the UNIMAX system, structures for large-format advertising and temporary roofs. Based on individual ideas or projects from customers, we are able to produce modern and complex steel structures.


We encourage you to contact us and read the details of the offer!

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Additional services

Our offer includes, among others, scaffolding rental. The scaffoldings we offer can be used both in the construction of industrial facilities and during works on residential or commercial buildings. Therefore, our offer is directed not only to companies, but also to individual clients. We provide transport of individual elements of the facade scaffolding to the customer and we take care of their unloading.

Delta’s list of items is completed by assembly services. Contractors who decide on such a solution can count on the timely and efficient assembly of each delivered structure: scaffolding, advertising space or the ordered project.


The in-depth knowledge of the systems created by Delta designers allows for an exceptionally satisfactory quality of the assembly and disassembly service. We also have the necessary tools and equipment to both assemble and assemble the scaffolding with the full safety of both system users and the environment itself.


Your benefits

Always on time

We know that punctuality is worth its weight in gold, therefore the dates of delivery, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding are sacred to us.


We approach each order with due diligence. All the works we carry out are characterized by professionalism.

Compliance with health and safety rules

In our industry, the most important thing is safety, which we guard to protect employees and investors.

Affordable prices

We set the price of each order individually, taking into account the complexity of the work.

Modern and atypical advertising structures

Based on individual ideas or projects from customers, we are able to produce modern and complex steel structures.

We start work with creating a project and technical documentation in AutoCad or Solid Works 3D. Of course, we arrange everything with the client at each stage of production. We present the finished project with a quote to the client.


After the approval of the complete documentation and cost estimate, the production process begins. The final stage is verification and quality control of the obtained structure. We can assemble the finished product at the customer’s request. When finalizing the transaction, the customer receives a 100% ready and tested product with technical documentation and a guarantee.


Are you looking for atypical steel structures?

Our atypical steel structures have been appreciated in the construction market for many years. It is worth trying and you will not be disappointed.


Browse our realizations

Our atypical steel structures are used by both Polish and foreign companies. We present some of Delta’s implementations.

Our partners

We sell scaffolding and formwork accessories

Scaffolding accessories
  • Tarpaulins (formats: 2.60 or 3.10 x 10.0 or 20.0m)

  • Nets (formats: 2.50 or 3.00 x 10.0 or 20.0m)

  • Professional scaffolding winches: GEDA, IMER

  • Swivel joints 48/48

  • Fixed connectors 48/48

  • 48/48 longitudinal joints

  • 48 handrail connectors

Formwork accessories
  • Formwork ties from L = 0.50 m to 2.00 m

  • Articulated nuts

  • Fixed nuts

  • Formwork locks



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