We sell ceiling formwork based on the H20 girder system. 

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The formwork we offer will be an excellent building element, regardless of the complexity of the construction project. Their use guarantees the highest quality of the created project. Our formwork works in all conditions. Their use is safe and makes the entire structure a solid structure.

Our formwork is an effective way to create strong, safe frames for the concrete screed, which is one of the elements of creating a structure. The molds are made of high-quality materials, ensuring the highest comfort of use and effectiveness. The systems offered by Delta will meet the expectations of all, even the most demanding customers.

Formwork for sale

Delta formwork for sale

We are a company with many years of experience in the market, offering sale, among others, ceiling formwork. They are most often used to make reinforced concrete elements such as ceilings and binders. It can also be used for the installation of prefabricated ceilings.

It is characterized by simplicity and a small number of elements forming the ceiling support: a tripod, a support, a head and a wooden H20 girder. A wide range of supports and girders makes the use of the girder system even on the most complex construction site. You receive a declaration of conformity and technical documentation for all the elements we sell.


Are you looking for perfect formworks?

Delta formwork is an effective way to create strong, safe frames for the concrete screed, which is one of the elements of creating a structure.

Many years of experience on the market has enabled us to develop the best formwork systems that can be adjusted in any way. Therefore, they become a universal method of forming a structure that can be used in many ways. These impregnated, wooden elements ensure the stability of the structure, which allows for incredible precision during construction works.

Formwork systems can not only be used to create ceiling structures. Their other forms are used when creating foundations or stairs. In all these cases, however, they perform the same function – they constitute a support for the concrete screed, thanks to which it can take the desired shape. This seemingly simple structure is an extremely important element in the initial stages of construction.

Why is our formwork a competitive product? This is because they are made of high-quality formwork plywood, which ensures the stability of the entire structure. Thanks to the use of high-quality impregnation, our formwork systems are waterproof, which is an extremely desirable feature, especially in the case of a construction site with difficult conditions.

Assembly forks facilitate the use of formwork systems used to create ceilings, ensuring the highest level of safety of the created structure. Ceiling formwork is characterized by high durability. For this reason, they provide a stable support for the material, which is concrete.

Our formwork systems consist of elements made of the highest quality materials. The components that make up this not too complicated, but extremely useful structure will facilitate the work of any construction team. By using system formwork, you have the opportunity to create a structure with a large area, at a relatively low cost. Why is it worth investing in a ceiling formwork from Delta?

First of all, we focus on the high quality of materials and the use of the most modern production technologies. Our formwork is tested in many respects and meets all standards required on construction sites. By purchasing our formwork, you will receive appropriate documentation confirming the quality of the products.



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    Discussing the client's needs and expectations to choose the best variant.

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    The offer’s modifications and negotiations. The final refinement of the offer.

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    Payment for products and services. Signing a contract for the assembly or disassembly of scaffolding.

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    The transport of purchased commodities to the construction zone or personal collection.


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High-quality, safe formwork is the basis of every construction site. We present selected implementations of formwork systems.


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