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We offer the highest quality, ergonomic column formwork, in accordance with applicable standards.


Pole formwork Delta

Column formwork is used to form the surface of the columns. They allow for the formation of square and rectangular poles, and enable the transfer of greater loads. Their main advantage is the ease and speed of installation while maintaining safety.

It is a light, economical and very popular option. Mainly due to the fact that it significantly speeds up the construction process. It is used in various types of urban, industrial and recreational facilities.


We offer our clients safe logistics, stable transport of elements, assembly, disassembly and professional assistance.

Our column formwork

Reliable column formwork

Column formwork is a reliable solution that can be used on almost any construction site. In addition to availability, the effectiveness and efficiency of this solution should also be emphasized. Column formwork is an advanced system that works very well for works at a depth of more than a few meters.

As a result, the working time is shortened as much as possible and work safety is maintained. Quality also manifests itself in the type of materials we use to create our scaffolding. The highest quality of the steel mold ensures excellent surface quality (resistant to changes, crushing and breaking).


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