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Our offer includes the possibility of purchasing this structure, access to the customer’s construction site and assembly and disassembly.


Delta foundation formwork

Foundation formwork is one of the most important elements of the construction structure. That is why it is so important that they are durable and created with the utmost care for the smallest details.Our formwork stands out on the market primarily due to its lightness, which is practical both in assembly and transport. The girder is made entirely of certified, impregnated wood; meeting safety standards. High-quality gluing ensures long durability, and the rounded ends of the spar prevent damage and cracks. Our product is also a guarantee of dimensional and form stability.

The supports are made of galvanized steel, as are the heads, stands and other elements. The surface is resistant to corrosion, therefore our foundation formwork can be used in all weather conditions without fear of damaging them. A wide range of supports and girders allows the use of even the most complex structures.


Rent is an economical solution for foundation formwork. Our offer also includes the possibility of purchasing this structure, access to the customer’s construction site and assembly and disassembly.

Economical solution

Foundation formwork rental

Formwork rental is an economical solution that allows you to reduce the costs incurred when creating an investment. At Delta, we offer the purchase and term rental of the structure, as well as its assembly and disassembly at the customer’s premises.

Pivoting formwork is an extremely practical application that significantly shortens the process of making foundations and facilitates all activities for people involved in construction works. At Delta, we offer the possibility of renting floating formwork, which provides a stable frame for the foundation. The formwork of the building with this system relieves the owner of the construction site from the responsibility related to the management of the wood that remained after the demolition of the traditional formwork.


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The foundation screed is one of the most important stages of construction. Delta formwork makes it child’s play!

This structural element takes the form of a metal frame made of panels. The whole is surrounded by shuttering plywood, which together with the panels forms a coherent whole, ready for shuttering. Due to the fact that metal is heavier than wood, it will be necessary to use a crane to position the floating formwork, which will relieve the construction workers.


Smaller components can be positioned by hand, therefore the use of a crane may be sporadic on smaller construction sites. The use of adjustable formwork ensures a smooth surface – in the case of boards, imprints may appear on the concrete, which, despite everything, do not pose a threat to the durability of the entire structure.

Pivoting formwork has special elements that facilitate their movement – these are handles, thanks to which construction workers can carry them. In addition to the previously mentioned elements, to create the adjustable formwork, clamps are used, thanks to which the boards can be joined. The corners are reinforced with special metal profiles, which additionally strengthen the entire structure, not only ensuring work safety, but also guaranteeing a satisfactory end result.

When choosing this type of structure, it is worth paying special attention to whether the materials from which the formwork is made are resistant to the negative effects of moisture. If the components are susceptible to moisture, there may be a risk of deformation of the material during construction work. For this reason, it is very important that the foundation formwork elements are properly secured. Metal parts should be made of corrosion-resistant materials. It is also important that during the production process, appropriate impregnants are used to protect the surface of the formwork.

Our system formwork is made of high-quality components, which allows you to avoid unnecessary complications during the foundation process. We use the best quality plywood that is adequately protected against the negative influence of external conditions. We connect them with zippers and ties, thanks to which they create a uniform and stable structure. In addition, we use high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel frames that provide a solid frame for the concrete foundation. The resulting system formwork can be successfully used on any construction site.


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System formwork and foundations – why is it worth it?

Many people still decide to use foundation formwork made of boards.

However, it is worth remembering that there are more modern solutions, the use of which facilitates construction works related to the implementation of foundations, and thus speeds up the entire construction process.


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