UNIMAX Security

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of reliable UNIMAX security systems from Delta.

UNIMAX Security system

In connection with the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of On February 6, 2003, people at the workplace and at the same time staying at a height of at least 1 m from the ground should be protected against falling from a height with the use of protective railings.

In response to these requirements, we have created the UNIMAX security system, intended for temporary protection of work on the edges of buildings, for fencing off excavations and earthworks, for securing the openings of elevator shafts and many other places where the lives of people working on the edge may be at risk.

High system ergonomics

UNIMAX Security

The system was designed in a simple way. A short product introduction is enough for a person to set up such a temporary edge protector. All elements used in production – both steel, wooden and plastic – comply with all standards applicable in Poland and the European Union.

The UNIMAX edge protection system has been tested by the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw and has been approved, in the form of an appropriate document, for use on the construction sites. Below is a document confirming the obtained approval.

Characteristics of the UNIMAX system

  • thoughtful and proven solutions guarantee reliability and a high level of security,
  • simple, modular assembly of elements that does not require highly qualified personnel,
  • durable anti-corrosion coating of steel elements ensures long-term durability of the system in difficult operating conditions,
  • a variety of elements allowing for great flexibility in assembly (straight and slanted edges, elevator shafts, staircases, wall openings),
  • all elements used in the production comply with all standards applied in Poland and the European Union, e.g. it has been tested by the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining for compliance with the PN-EN 13374 standard,
  • thanks to its light and simple structure and special transport baskets, it can be efficiently moved to another place.

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