Modular scaffolding

We offer the highest quality scaffolding for sale and rent, fully adapted to the standards and applicable regulations.

Delta modular scaffolding

One of the offered types is modular scaffolding, assembled from prefabricated elements. Undoubtedly, their greatest advantage is the possibility of extending the mesh in any direction and with any length, without any need for connectors.

Thanks to this, it is possible to build any structure that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of the project on an ongoing basis. In addition, the system of this type of scaffolding includes a whole range of complementary elements, which makes it possible to erect modules adapted to the local foundation conditions and the shape of the facade.

Modular scaffolding

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We are a leading producer of scaffolding and formwork in Poland. Our assortment includes, among others, scaffolding rental, various types of system formwork are also available. By using the products Delta focuses on quality, safety and functionality.


We offer modular scaffolding for sale, which enables renovation and modernization works to be carried out on non-standard buildings

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Sales of scaffolding

Modular scaffolding created in Delta comply with all applicable standards, thanks to which they constitute solid and safe building structures.

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We enable the rental of modular scaffolding structures, thanks to which you can take care of your company's investment budget

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Scaffolding rental

At Delta, you will not only buy modular scaffolding of the highest quality, but also, if necessary, rent them for a certain period.

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Are you looking for perfect scaffolding?

The most important element in the production of scaffolding by our company is to meet all the requirements important for each client – from easy assembly, through simple storage and transport of scaffolding.

Our company offers all kinds of scaffolding produced by us. We offer our clients not only the sale of this type of equipment, but also assembly and rental.

The basic element of modular scaffolding are vertical stands. They have rosettes, thanks to which it is possible to mount other elements. Other parts include all kinds of platforms, handles and connectors. Of course, each of these elements is available for both rental and sale.


An additional service that we provide in the field of scaffolding is their assembly in a place chosen by the client. Our employees, after getting acquainted with the renovated facility, will advise you on the appropriate scaffolding components and install them in such a way that their use is 100% safe and comfortable.

The scaffoldings manufactured by our company are adapted to the standards and regulations in force not only in our country, but also throughout the European Union.

Quality control covers every stage of their production, so we can confidently say that they are as safe and durable as possible. The production of scaffolding is customer oriented, which means that we do everything to enable easy assembly, safe use and easy storage of our products. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of production, sale, rental and assembly of modular scaffolding, and if you have any questions, please contact us.


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