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We are a leading producer of scaffolding and formwork in Poland.
Our assortment includes, among others, scaffolding rental,
Various types of system formwork are also available. By using the products
Delta-Bud focuses on quality, safety and functionality.

  • Four self-made scaffoldings acc. To projects
  • Modular scaffolding system

  • Modular security system UNIMAX
  • Sale, rental, installation



UNIMAX security


UNIMAX security

The UNIMAX system is intended for temporary protection of work on the edges of buildings, for fencing off excavations and earthworks, for securing elevator shaft openings and many other places where the life of people working on the edge may be at risk. The security system complies with Polish and European standards.

Professional accessories


Professional accessories

We sell accessories for products such as scaffolding and system formwork. Various types of couplings are available – rotary, fixed, longitudinal and other – as well as tarpaulins, nets and professional scaffolding winches.

Advertising constructions


Advertising constructions

Constructions for large-format advertising are one of the specialties of our company. The structures we produce can be placed almost anywhere, while maintaining a high level of safety.


Atypical steel structuresIndividual projects

Atypical steel structuresIndividual projects

Based on individual ideas or projects from customers, we are able to produce modern and complex steel structures, using modern and advanced technology. Thanks to this, we meet all the requirements of our clients.




See our realizations!
Safe scaffolding and formwork for your employees.
Individual solutions and projects acc. To the highest standards.
DeltaBud projects in the field of Elevation, atypical structures, industry and advertising!

Zajmujemy się realizacją wymagań dotyczących między innymi rusztowań elewacyjnych. Dzięki funkcjonalności i wysokiemu poziomowi bezpieczeństwa jakakolwiek praca na rusztowaniach może odbywać się bez najmniejszych przeszkód i trudności.


Nasza dbałość o spełnienie wymagań klienta wyraża się najwidoczniej w przygotowaniu nietypowych konstrukcji, stworzonych według pomysłu i zapotrzebowań klientów indywidualnych. Personalizujemy ofertę, by sprostać oczekiwaniom.


Realizujemy również produkcję rusztowań i innych produktów na potrzeby poszczególnych gałęzi przemysłu. Zajmujemy się produkcją różnorodnych konstrukcji stalowych, które nierzadko są wymagane podczas danych prac przemysłowych.


Tworzymy także konstrukcje reklamowe, dzięki którym reklamy klientów mogą być widoczne niemalże w dowolnym miejscy czy na dowolnym budynku. Zachowujemy przy tym najwyższy poziom bezpieczeństwa funkcjonalności produktów.


Here’s what we have to offer you:

UNIMAX edge protection

The UNIMAX safety railing system is designed to create protections at the side edges of buildings and is designed to protect people against falling from a height. The main applications of the system are, among others work at heights and earthworks. The system is also indispensable in the proper development of the construction site.

Delta Module

DELTA MODULE scaffoldings are modular scaffoldings assembled from prefabricated elements. The basic load-bearing element of DELTA MODULE scaffolding are vertical stands equipped with rosettes for fixing other elements. In the scaffoldings, steel, aluminum, wooden or aluminum-plywood platforms are used, among others.

Delta 65

The DELTA 65 facade scaffolding is manufactured according to the standards available and used on the Polish market and in the European Union. DELTA 65 is one of the facade scaffolding systems available in Poland. The scaffolding consists of, among others, a hot-dip galvanized frame and a number of complementary high-quality components.

Delta B70

The DELTA B70 facade scaffolding is reliable, economical and extremely easy to assemble. Flexibility is also noteworthy, because the wide range of dimensions of the elements allows for adjustment to almost any shape of a given object. DELTA B70 is designed for smaller and larger construction works.

Delta 73

The DELTA 73 facade scaffolding is one of the most popular facade scaffolding in Poland. It includes, among others, hot-dip galvanized steel elements, platforms with a length of, among others, 2.57 m and 3.07 m and extension brackets. Simple assembly, easy storage and long service life thanks to high-quality scaffolding.

Delta 70

The DELTA 70 facade scaffolding optimally adapts to a wide variety of structures, and the assembly requires only two people. We offer the sale and rental of system scaffolding, including DELTA 70 scaffolding and others. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the more detailed specification of our product, available after pressing the “more” button.



The list of Delta-Bud offers is supplemented by assembly services.
Contractors who decide on such a solution can count on the timely and efficient assembly of each delivered structure:
scaffolding, advertising space or the ordered project.
The in-depth knowledge of the systems created by Delta-Bud designers allows for exceptionally satisfactory quality of the assembly and disassembly services.

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