Frame scaffolding

We offer the highest quality scaffolding for sale and rent, fully adapted to the applicable standards.

Delta frame scaffolding

Frame scaffolding, which we offer to our clients, is reliable, easy to assemble and, above all, safe. Our structures pose no threat to construction workers or people in their vicinity.


The highest-class materials used for their production make our frame scaffoldings an indispensable element of any renovation and modernization works.

Our scaffolding is made with attention to every detail. We make sure that the structures we create are of a world-class quality and – we have succeeded. Delta scaffolding has been appreciated by foreign investors who value the highest quality of materials.

Frame scaffolding

Complete offer

As a leading manufacturer of scaffolding in Poland, we offer both sale and rental of structural elements such as frame scaffoldings.


We sell frame scaffoldings made of the highest quality components and with quality and safety certificates

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Sales of scaffolding

At Delta, we sell frame scaffolding made of the highest quality materials and using the latest technologies.

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In addition to selling to our clients, we also offer frame scaffolding rental throughout Poland

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Scaffolding rental

Frame scaffolding rental reduces the costs associated with the entire investment. Delta will deliver the systems and take care of the assembly and disassembly of the structure.

Do you want to get a quote? Write to us at . Lub zadzwoń: +48 515 26 27 28


Are you looking for perfect scaffoldings?

The most important element in the production of scaffolding by our company is to meet all the requirements important for each client – from easy assembly, through simple storage and transport of scaffolding.

Frame scaffolding

Our company provides transport of individual frame scaffolding elements to the customer, their preparation at the site of renovation or construction, as well as quick assembly and disassembly.


We have all approvals and certificates confirming the compliance with the applicable standards.


Setting a frame scaffolding structure on a suitable base ensures safety and stabilization during renovation and modernization works.

The stability of the system is ensured by appropriate sleepers. The frame scaffolding is also installed at an appropriate distance from uneven terrain and faults.

Stabilizing the structure is extremely important. The frame scaffolding is balanced by means of bracing, i.e. parts that allow the system to be balanced in both planes.

The elements that stabilize the frame scaffolding are subject to strict standards. Our structures have the required certificates and approvals that guarantee their high quality.

Our scaffolding, thanks to its solid structure, allows free and safe movement on them.

The highest quality materials used in the production of Delta frame scaffolding make our products readily used both by companies operating in Poland and those located outside our country.

Our offer enables both the purchase and rental of frame scaffoldings. All our projects are prepared taking into account the individual needs of our clients.

Both the cost of the entire structure and the price to be paid for its professional assembly depends on the size of the investment. At Delta, we prepare a detailed scaffolding design, taking into account the customer’s needs.


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