Advertising structures

Stable and durable advertising structures that work well in the most difficult conditions.

Professional advertising structures

The DELTA company makes professional scaffolding structures for large-format advertising. We assemble advertising structures of the highest quality steel as tower scaffolding or spatial structures for large-format advertising. Steel elements guarantee durability and resistance to unfavorable weather conditions to which advertisements mounted in the field are exposed.

Our advertising structures are ballasted according to the size of the advertisement, its location, wind zone and the degree of surface coverage. We have extensive construction facilities, thanks to which we can design a solution tailored to the individual needs of the client and the specification of the terrain.


Reliability and durability – these features make the structures for advertising with the DELTA sign will serve for many years, and the ergonomics and application possibilities as well as the ease of assembly and disassembly will facilitate your operation. 


Are you looking for advertising structures?

Constructions for large-format advertising are one of the specialties of our company. Use Delta systems to promote your business.

Reliability and durability – these features ensure that the structures for advertising with the Delta sign will serve for many years, and the ergonomics and application possibilities as well as the ease of assembly and disassembly will facilitate your operation. We sell and rent advertising structures. Details in the file below.

Due to the simple structure and a wide range of elements, DELTA constructions can be placed almost anywhere. Our advertising structures are created using high-tech solutions and the best quality materials.

When deciding on advertising structures, in particular those with a large area, it is worth using the services of a proven company that aims to create the highest quality products with high utility values. At Delta, we take care of every detail. We know that our advertising structures are the showcase of our company, therefore we make every effort to ensure that the products we manufacture are at the world level.

The fact that as a company we not only focus on Poland, but also develop to the foreign market, proves that our structures are above average. The price / quality ratio of our products is extremely favorable, which also means that many companies are cooperating with Delta. Our specialized staff every day makes every effort to meet even the most difficult expectations of our clients.

Nowadays, in the age of widespread use of the Internet, many companies decide to transfer all their marketing activities to the web. Traditionally used advertising tools, however, have great potential, so it is worth using them when promoting your company. Advertising constructions are a product that will allow you to present your brand in an aesthetic way both in urban spaces and along highways.

Advertising constructions are a great way to increase awareness of your company by strategically placing them in the city space. This way of advertising your brand is an effective marketing activity that allows you to save your company in the subconscious of potential customers. Advertising constructions are a great way to show your business to a wider audience in an interesting and creative form. Advertising constructions, however, do not have to be limited only to cities – the space around frequently used expressways will also be a good place to place your company’s advertisement.

Outdoor advertising structures

In addition to the systems used in construction, our offer also includes advertising media.

When creating our projects, we use the highest quality materials, thanks to which the advertising structures will serve you for many years, regardless of the format used.


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