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We offer the highest quality scaffolding for sale and rent, fully adapted to the applicable standards.

Delta facade scaffolding

When offering products to our customers, we focus on reliability, ease of construction and, above all, safety – both for employees and people in the immediate vicinity of the construction site.

That is why our facade scaffolding is made of the highest quality materials. We strive to ensure the quality of the smallest details at every stage of production. The result is an uncomplicated design and the highest possible safety standards all rolled into one.


Thanks to this, we contribute to the condition of our clients’ wallets. After all, a well thought-out basic design guarantees the economic use of working time and reducing its costs.

The highest quality facade scaffolding

The facade scaffolding by Delta is distinguished by strength and lightness at the same time. The frames, platforms and all elements are made of the highest quality materials.

They are properly impregnated so that they can be used many times and in all weather conditions. The system adapts perfectly to any structure – thanks to a whole range of necessary elements, it can be successfully used in areas with different ground levels.


It is safe (we have tight platforms, curbs, and protective handrails at our disposal) and at the same time it provides free access to each floor.

Both owners of small enterprises and large construction companies will feel the advantages of using the scaffoldings we offer. When creating our projects, we attach great importance to ensuring that they meet all safety standards. We use the latest technology based on high-class materials, which results in extremely durable and resistant to intensive use scaffolding, which will work in all, even the most difficult conditions.


The structure of the facade scaffolding should be stable. For this purpose, it must be ensured that the base on which it is placed meets certain criteria. The ground on which the facade scaffold is situated should be properly stabilized. It is also very important to provide an adequate outlet for any water that may accumulate during rainfall. Should scaffolding be set up on the ground?

To obtain satisfactory stabilization, which will ensure safety during renovation and modernization works, during the assembly process of the facade scaffolding, high-quality sleepers should be used, which additionally stabilize the entire structure. Special feet, which are the first of the scaffolding metal elements, are attached to the wooden bases with screws. During installation, it is extremely important to keep a safe distance from uneven terrain or faults.

In order to precisely define the nature of the use of these elements during the assembly of the facade scaffolding, it is necessary to specify what the braces are. These are the parts that allow the scaffolding to be stabilized in both planes. By creating a zigzag shape, the bracings strengthen the structure, making it possible for many people to move freely around it.

As one of the key structural elements that make up the scaffolding, bracings are subject to strict standards. They are used by Delta during the scaffolding assembly and have all the required certificates and approvals that confirm the highest quality of these materials. Our qualified employees adhere to all guidelines regarding the installation of braces in facade scaffolding.

Ensuring the safety of people working at heights is the basis of a properly functioning construction site. The stability of the facade scaffolding is very important and can be achieved in several ways. One of them is to place it next to the building wall. If it is not possible to support the scaffolding against the facades, appropriate stabilization is achieved by creating an appropriate ballast or using special lashings.

Wall scaffolding is a much more common type of structure. The act of fixing it to the wall of the building is called anchoring. Thanks to it, it is possible to obtain a stable structure. The individual scaffolding levels are fastened with the use of anchoring connectors, which enables efficient and safe movement on them in the future.

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The facade scaffolding assembly

Scaffolding is a significant protection for employees on every construction site. People working at heights should not only have the appropriate skills to facilitate renovation, but also are required to have special permissions. The same applies to people who assemble and disassemble the scaffolding.

The installation of facade scaffolding requires specialists to have the appropriate qualifications. By using the services of our company, you can be sure that the assembly will be carried out in accordance with all safety guidelines. Our employees undergo many hours of training completed with an exam that allows them to obtain the appropriate certificate.

How much does it cost to set up facade scaffolding?

The high quality of the scaffoldings we offer makes it possible to use them multiple times. For this reason, the costs incurred in connection with the frequent replacement of scaffolding are reduced, and thus the profitability of your investment increases.


During the production of scaffolding, we take into account the degree of their exploitation during their regular use. For this reason, the price of our products perfectly reflects their quality and usability.

When choosing the right manufacturer, it is worth not to be guided only by the price of the investment. During the production of scaffolding at Delta, we use modern technologies and high-class materials that make our products can be successfully used for many years. Our commitment to the production of scaffolding that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers has resulted in the creation of unique systems tailored to various needs.


The price of the scaffolding depends not only on the components it consists of. When estimating the cost of completing a complete system, we take into account many factors. One of them is the size of the investment – the larger the construction site, the greater the number of scaffoldings will be recommended to ensure an appropriate level of safety during hazardous work at height.


When preparing the cost estimate, we also take into account the dimensions of the renovated building, to which we adjust the appropriate scaffolding system selected by the client. The overall cost of the service is also influenced by the assembly and disassembly of the entire installation. Larger structures require more work, and thus, the cost of the entire service slightly increases.

Facade scaffolding

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The facade scaffolding from Delta is an indispensable element of any construction. Our structures ensure the safety of employees during modernization and renovation works.


We offer the sale of facade scaffolding that can be used many times during construction projects

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Sales of scaffolding

We offer the sale of facade scaffolding, thanks to which the comfort of your investment will be raised to the next level.

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We enable the rental of facade scaffolding, which allows you to reduce the costs associated with the construction of the investment

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Scaffolding rental

We offer facade scaffolding rental, which allows you to achieve the maximum level of safety on the construction site at reduced costs.

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The most important element in the production of facade scaffolding by our company is to meet all the expectations of our customers. Our facade scaffolding is ergonomic and easy to assemble.


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