We deal with the sale of ceiling formworks based on the H20 girder system. This system is most often used for the construction of reinforced concrete elements like slabs or binding joists. It can be also used for the assembly of prefabricated slabs.

It is characterised with simplicity and small number of elements constituting the slab support: gin, footing, head and wooden H20 girder. The wide scope of footings and girders allows the usage of the girder system even on the most complicated construction sites. A compliance declaration and technical documentation is attached to each sold element.

Our offer also includes wall and foundation formworks.

We base on the RASTO formwork system.
This is a simple and undemanding system in terms of assembly, as two people are enough to assemble it. Irrespective of the design and external conditions on the construction site, the system provides excellent results. It is used mainly in residential housing. Its quality and refinement are proved by the following: 12 cm thick frames with corner reinforcement and strong profiles allow for the concrete pressure reaching 60kN/m2.

RASTO system components:

  • frame slabs made of galvanised steel of the following dimensions: height – 270 cm, 300 cm, width – 30 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 70 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm,
  • lock pins, tie bars with nuts, supports, articulated couplings and catwalk supports.