Construction works carried out at heights require special standards
safety. The customer must be assured that he is using devices that meet all
standards and are made of certified materials.

Aluminum scaffolding, next to wooden and steel, is becoming more and more popular
in the building materials market. The type of material the structure is made of is the key here – aluminum is a stable and durable material, and at the same time non-flammable and non-toxic. A great advantage is also resistance to corrosion – thanks to this, we do not have to worry about weather changes during construction or renovation outside. What’s more – the elements of the aluminum scaffolding can be easily transported, assembled and disassembled, because it is a fairly light material. Assembling the structure is really very simple – no specialized tools are needed here.

The safety mentioned at the beginning is by far the most important feature of this type of scaffolding. Vertical frames, working platforms, non-slip materials, reinforced clamping systems or railings – these are the elements that make working at heights much less risky in this case.

Our offer includes both rental and purchase of aluminum scaffoldings. At the customer’s request, we transport the product to the site, assemble it on the construction site and disassemble the structure after work.

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