We offer all types of scaffoldings manufactured by our company. Our offer includes not only sale of such constructions, but also their assembly and rental. Modular scaffoldings made of prefabricated elements are one of the products in our offer. Their largest advantage is the possibility to build the net in any direction and length without the need to use any joints. This allows the preparation of any construction which may be adjusted to the needs and requirements of a given construction design. Moreover, this type of scaffolding contains a whole spectre of supplementing elements, which allows the erection of modules adapted to the local conditions for design and construction, and shape of the façade.

Vertical frames are the basic element of the of modular scaffolding. They are equipped with rosettes, which allow the assembly of other components. Other components are among others: all types of platforms, rails and joints. Of course each of these elements can be both rented and sold. The assembly of scaffoldings in a place indicated by a customer is an additional service we render. Our employees, upon prior scrutiny of the renovated building, will advise the most suitable scaffolding elements and will set them up in a way allowing their 100% safe and comfortable usage.

Scaffoldings we produce comply with standards and provisions in force not only in Poland, but also in the entire European Union. Quality control is performed on each production stage, which allows us to confirm the safety and durability of our products. Scaffolding production is customer-oriented, which means we do our best to enable their easy assembly, safe usage and simple storage. We invite you to learn about our modular scaffolding production, sale, rental and assembly offer. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.