While offering products to our customers we promote reliability, ease of construction, but first and foremost we promote safety – both of employees, as well as persons remaining in the close proximity to the construction site. That’s why our elevation scaffoldings are manufactured from the highest class of materials. We pay attention to the quality of the smallest details on each stage of the production process. In effect, we arrive with an uncomplicated construction and highest possible safety and security standards. Owing to this we contribute to the financial condition of our customers. A well-thought base construction guarantees the most economic use of working time and cost reduction.

Our company offers delivery of particular elements of elevation scaffoldings to the customer, their preparation on the renovation or construction site, along with quick assembly and disassembly. We have all attests and certificates confirming the compliance of our products with applicable standards.

Delta-Bud elevation scaffoldings stand out for their durability and lightness. Frames, platforms and all elements are manufactured with the use of the highest quality of materials. They are properly impregnated so that they may be repeatedly used in various weather conditions. The system perfectly adjusts to each construction thanks to the wide scope of necessary elements and may be used in areas with diversified ground level. It is a safe system (we also have tight bridges, toe-boards and rails) giving a free access to each floor level.