We offer the most economic system formworks of top quality. System formworks may be used both as wall and ceiling formworks. The rule of erecting such constructions is based on the use of system formwork to build elements of larger size than the formwork itself, in stages, i.e. upon filling the formwork with concrete and its solidification the formwork is moved and the next stage of the construction works is realised. It allows for an easy and quick realisation of the investment and it is the most economic solution.

Depending on the use of the system formwork the following actions are possible:

  • floating formwork, which is disassembled after the completion of one stage or construction and moved to another place,
  • slip formwork, which is moved to another stage without the need of disassembly of the construction.
  • sliding formwork, i.e. the movement along the face of the carried out construction without the need of formwork disassembly.

The RASTO system formwork is dedicated to the completion of small and medium housing investments. Two people are enough to operate the system formwork. The frames 12 cm thick are characterised with increased resistance to pressure and durability of performance. The use of universal locks enables easy and quick configuration and connection of elements. The use of non-standard extra-large elements of 270×240 cm size for larger surfaces is also possible.

All elements being the part of the offered system are certified and have safety warranty.

Our offer includes the possibility of purchase and rental of high quality system formworks, along with transportation and assembly services.