The security of excavations is the most important element while doing earthworks, especially in places where the risk of landfall is high. The system of these formworks is aimed at the maximum protection of earthworks of diversified depth. It should also ensure the safety of the people performing works underground. The rental or sale of formworks is an efficient and economic solution. This is a perfect choice for the water and sewer installation works, where the use of handy and reliable equipment for excavation walls protection is necessary.

What makes our system special? It can be used in many different places – also in urban areas. Modularity is its most prominent feature – all elements may be freely joined, supplemented and, what’s the most important, transported, which is a significant improvement for our customers. Particular elements of the formworks may be used in each type of ground. The assembly may be performed with the use of an excavator or any other machine.

Delta-Bud adjusts solutions to the expectations, requirements and affordability of the customers. Our offer includes magnificent products which comply with all safety and security standards available at a reasonable price. We have qualified staff offering the rental and sale of excavation formworks, as well as giving professional advice.