We offer the highest quality and the most economical system formwork. System formwork can be used both as wall and ceiling formwork. The principle of making this type of structure is based on the use of the system formwork for the construction of elements of much larger dimensions in the course of implementation in stages. In other words, after the formwork is filled with concrete and it has solidified, the system formwork moves and proceeds to the next stage of construction. This method of implementation allows for the easy and quick implementation of the investment and is the most economical.

Depending on how the system formwork is used, it is possible to:

  • floating formwork, which after the implementation of one fragment or structure is disassembled and moved to another place;

  • sliding formwork, in which, without dismantling the formwork, it moves to the following stage;

  • sliding formwork, i.e. shifting along the face of the structure without disassembly.

The RASTO formwork system offered is intended for the implementation of small and medium-sized housing investments. Two people are enough for the system formwork. The 12 cm thick frames allow for high pressure resistance and durability of operation. The use of universal locks allows for easy and quick configuration and connection of elements. It is also possible to use non-standard XXL elements with dimensions of 270 × 240 cm for larger surfaces.

All elements of the offered system are covered by certificates and a safety guarantee.

Our offer includes the possibility of purchasing or renting the highest quality formwork systems with delivery and assembly at the customer’s premises.

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