Securing excavations is the most important element when making holes in the ground, especially in places where the ground may be torn off or slid. The trench formwork system is designed to provide maximum protection for excavation works of various depths. At the same time, it should also ensure the safety of people who operate under the ground. In this case, rental or sale of formwork is an effective and economical solution. It is an ideal choice for plumbing works where there is a need to use handy and reliable equipment to secure the excavation walls.

What distinguishes the system we produce? It can be successfully used in various places – also in urban conditions. The most important feature is modularity – all elements can be freely and freely combined, supplemented and most importantly – transported. This is a great convenience for our clients. The individual formwork segments can be used on any type of soil. Installation can be carried out using an excavator or other machine.

At Delta-Bud, we adjust solutions to the expectations, requirements and portfolio of the client. Our offer includes excellent products that meet all safety standards; and at the same time they are affordable. Our employees are fully qualified staff that provides rental and sale of formwork for excavations; as well as professional advice.

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